FreeLinkTM Licence Free RF Wireless Irrigation Innovation

Choosing FreeLink™ provides Owners, Installers, Designers and Managers increased freedom with no electrical limits to their irrigation systems or designs. direct savings are achieved from decreased installation time/cost, reduced maintenance time/cost, eliminating all irrigation wire, connectors, decoders, satellite stations or field controllers, indirect savings are achieved by simple maintenance and never having to trace wires that are buried to the 100's or 1000's of rotors and valves.

The benefits just start from here ...

FreeLink has put the intelligence to control and monitor the irrigation system at the Sprinkler and Valve where the irrigation is performed. Resulting in a real time irrigation system design where your critical irrigation is not dependent on the availability of a Computer, Power, Field Controllers, Satellite Stations, Decoders and Communications Links.

The highly flexible communication topology utilizes proprietary protocols and Gateways Controllers providing long range communication capability even in the most rugged and Robust of environments.

  Features   Irrigation Installation and Maintenance
  • 100% 2 way communication
  • Proprietary System supports up to 60,000 controllers
  • FCC Certified and no user licensing fees required
  • Maximum range Above ground LOS = 20 Km NLOS = 5 Km
  • Maximum range Below ground LOS = 4 Km NLOS = 1.5 Km
  • Proprietary Smart Gateway network configuration allows for quick system updates even in the most robust environments.
  • Simple GUI for quick and easy system reporting
  • Sprinkler and Valve installation in less than 5 minutes per location
  • Immediate wireless connectivity for Sprinklers, Valves and Sensors
  • Sprinklers and Valves are immediately ready for independent irrigation after installation
  • Gateway network set-up in less than 1 hour
  • Gateways are located 10-30 feet from ground level for minimal intrusion
  • Sprinklers and Valves only require battery maintenance every 5 to 6 years
  • Battery maintenance is top serviceable with minimal digging

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